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"Teaching search and research"

3 - 7  July 2017

University of Salamanca, Spain

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The SAERA executive would like to invite you to its 5th annual conference to be hosted by the Faculty of Education, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Conference Date

Monday 23 October – Thursday 26 October 2017


Boardwalk Hotel, Port Elizabeth

Conference Theme

“Education in an Era of Decolonization and Transformation”


Our collective pulse quickens as demands for transformation and decolonization become more urgent!  What do these words mean and what do these calls amount to? Did the transformation agenda not bring about the required changes?  Is decolonization replacing transformation? Can we transform and decolonize at the same time? Why do we have to decolonize if we have been transforming? These are the questions that currently plague our minds and motivate us to engage in serious action as educators and students.

Neither transformation nor decolonization are new terms, yet they remain shrouded by uncertainty.

Despite the uncertainty, joys and complexity that constitutes our current education contexts – we are teaching, doing research and community engagement within an era of decolonization and transformation!  The fees must fall protests and struggles was and remain a significant wake-up call to this realization! We are right in the middle of this time and space! We have many experiences, stories, contributions, progress and challenges that we have to share, whether or not we call it decolonization or transformation or even understand the full complexity of these concepts/experiences/struggles.

It is from this vantage point that this conference aims to create a space for collective dialogue/s about our experiences and how we can work towards bringing theory and practice together in courageous and imaginative ways – that make the unknown a little bit more knowable and doable.   Although the conference themes speak to particular ideas within decolonizing and transformation debates, they are also broad enough to encapsulate all areas of education theorizing, engagement, research and teaching within contemporary education contexts.  You are thus invited to submit your abstract(s) focusing on what you are currently teaching/researching/engaging in/ experiencing/struggling with/questioning in your own/broader educational context(s).  You are encouraged to be motivated by the following subthemes BUT you should not be limited by them.


We call for papers / posters / panel discussions that address one or more of the following themes:

  • Teaching, learning, research and engagement in educational contexts
  • Education for all
  • Voice of the voiceless
  • Resistance, Re-envisioning, and Renewal
  • Pathways to decolonization
  • Decolonizing Research in education

For detailed information on the themes and sub-categories, please click

The programme will include presentation of papers (20 minutes) followed by 10 minutes for discussion and poster presentations. There will also be panel sessions of 90 minutes and special interest group (SIG) sessions. Panel discussions will comprise three or more presenters who all focus on the same theme.

We invite you to submit abstracts for:

  1. Individual papers (30 minutes): 300 to 400 words, paper title, names (s) of presenter(s), affiliation(s) and email address(es), 4 to 6 keywords and the theme into which the paper best fits.
  2. Panel presentations (90 minutes) : 1 000 words, panel topic, panel chairperson and names of panel participants, affiliation and email addresses of participants, 4 to 6 keywords and the theme into which the panel best fits.
  3. Posters: 300 word, poster title, names (s) of presenter(s), affiliation(s) and email address(es), 4 keywords

Abstracts must be done in MS Word format.

Submission of abstracts must be done via the conference’s internet platform at:


Abstract submission:   15 May 2017
Notification of abstract acceptance:  19 June 2017
Registration open:  30 March 2017
Final date for registration:  30 September 2017

For enquiries please contact Azola Xanti :

Details of registration fees, accommodation, transport, can be accessed at: