The 19th ISATT Biennial Conference

"Education beyond the crisis: new skills, children's rights and teaching contexts"

1 - 5 July 2019, Sibiu, Romania







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Founders’ words

The Founders’ Panel at ISATT 2007: words of wisdom from the elders

Founders and Elders, yes. Wise? Hopefully. In these five short vignettes about ISATT past and present, the panel—Alan Brown, Chris Clark, Chris Day, John Olson and Maureen Pope—present reflections on what lies at the heart of the organization – its moving spirit. Central to this spirit as all attest is an enduing interest in understanding the work of teachers as reflected in what they say about what they do and how they act in the classroom. Why is it important to do this? Are not teachers charged with enacting the mandates of those who govern them? Yes they are. But they have their own collective ideas of how the classroom process should go. They are wise about what can happen there and what cannot. What should happen and should not. We had better listen to them.

ISATT does just that. These reflections ask how it can do this even better in the future.

Reflecting on the 2007 conference
Maureen Pope
Professor Emeritus, The University of Reading

A need for change and renewal
Chris Day
Professor, The University of Nottingham

ISATT’s big picture
Alan Brown
Professor Emeritus, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of The University of Toronto

ISATT and reform
John Olson
Professor Emeritus at Queens University, Ontario, Canada

Two Dreams
Christopher M. Clark
Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University and the University of Delaware, and currently a clinical professor at Arizona State University